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Dumpster Sizes

Below are the dumpster sizes that we offer.  Refer to these sizes and descriptions to gain a better understanding of which dumpster will be right for your project.  To see what sizes are available and to ask any questions you might have contact us below.

10 Yard Dumpster

A 10 yard dumpster can hold 10 cubic yards of waste.  The 10 yard is a great choice for small spaces.  It can easily fit into a car parking space, which is perfect for driveway deliveries.  Some common uses are: garage or basement clean outs, demolish a 250 square foot deck, remove 1500 square feet of roof shingles(single layer), remodeling a small bath or partial kitchen, concrete demolition, and dirt removal.

20 Yard Dumpster

The 20 yard dumpster is the most popular size due to it's dimensions and versatility.  It is big enough for most construction and demolition jobs, and just about any home or landscaping project.  It is also small enough to easily fit in your driveway.  It holds around 8-10 pick-up truck loads.  Some common uses are cleaning of a large basement, attic or garage.  Flooring and carpet removal for a large house.  Demolishing a 400 square foot deck.  Removal of 2,750 square foot shingle roof(single layer).  Siding and window replacement for a medium size house.  Remodel of a full bath or large kitchen.  It is also perfect for concrete demolition, however keep in mind due to the weight of concrete it can only be filled 2/3 full.

30 Yard Dumpster

The 30 yard dumpster can hold 10-12 pick-up truck loads.  The 30 yard is used for large construction projects and home building when the 20 yard just won't do the job you can count on the 30 yard.  Some common uses are major home additions, building of a new home, demolition of large decks, sheds and garages.   Shrub, brush, stump and tree removal.  Removal of large roofs and commercial roof tear offs and remodeling of commercial buildings

40 Yard Dumpster

The 40 yard dumpster can hold 12-18 pick-up truck loads.  This dumpster is typically the largest open top dumpster offered, so please check clearances to allow for room on-site.  The 40 yard is commonly used for house demolition, commercial cleanouts, general demolition, large roofing projects and scrap metal.


Self-contained compactors are available in many standard sizes that range from 10-39 yards.  They can also be configured to meet your specific needs.  Self-contained compactors are built for applications that require storage and removal of wet waste. Outdoor compactors such as these can help prevent contamination of work areas as well as public areas. Like other compactors, the benefits of self-contained compactors are numerous. Unlike stationary compactors, the self-contained compactor is designed so that the compactor is attached to the container and the entire machine is hauled to the disposal site. In addition to substantially reducing labor and collection costs, the compactors can also help discourage scavengers, reduce insect and rodent problems, control odor, reduce fire hazards, prevent overflowing dumpsters and much more.  Self-contained compactors are ideals for supermarkets, department stores, malls, shopping centers, restaurants, food courts, chain stores, hospitals, hotels, resorts, motels, apartment buildings and nursing homes.


Stationary compactors are typically used for dry waste (i.e. for compacting cardboard and mixed paper) and can be positioned so that they are fed by a chute opening that is as simple as a thru-wall arrangement (so that employees do not have to walk outside to make the trash deposits) or fed by an existing air handling system. Unlike self-contained compactors, stationary compactors compact trash into a detachable container (such as a 30 yard or 40 yard container, pictured above right).   They come in many standard sizes, from 2-12 yard hoppers, but can also be configured to meet your specific needs.  Stationary compactors are designed and built with versatility and durability in mind and are ideal for a large variety of commercial and industrial applications. The quality and compaction force that is provided in both the standard and high density models is tops in the industry. Stationary compactors can also serve as good cardboard compactors or paper compactors.  Stationary compactors are ideal for manufacturing facilities, office complexes, department stores, chain stores, hospitals, hotels, and restaurants.

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